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Got in front of a nurse and consultant this morning who confirmed I don't have Diabetic Neuropathy. Which is excellent news. The consultant also made a point of mentioning my blood sugar levels are very good.

Life is what you make it.

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3 Answers

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Wow! That’s excellent news! Good work!!!

I too went to the Dr late last week. My cholesterol is good! My glucose(A1C) is 5.6 which is good and dropping!

My Keto diet is working and my weight remains down!

My new Dr. is undecided about my Neuropathy. And considers it a condition possibly from my slipped disc and like you misdiagnosed as Diabetic Neuropathy!

She changed some of my medication and things are improving.

Found out 3 of my hospitalizations last year were due to prior Dr not prescribing the right dose of bp meds!

Now my bp is spot on!

By the way how is your foot!!!!??!?

The Leftists have left us!

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Thanks Lady.

My bp has improved. I intend to get a bp monitor myself when I've got some spare cash. The doctors surgery lend them out. Yeah at 10 pounds but you do get it back when you return the monitor. But I would like one to keep. My feet are still changing colour and make it difficult to walk. But the consultant today said it's not a circulation issue, which is more good news. They are going to refer me onto a different department and mainly recommended compression socks, amazingly.

The actual problem is related to varicose veins I've had for years and venous veins I've got around my right foot mainly.


The consultant also asked me to take photos of my feet with the different colours. Not a problem and wondered if that was appropriate myself.


Yes, photos with dates are a diagnosis tool frequently used when patients have visualized symptoms such as discoloration, bruising, swelling, rashes, hives etc.

This helps the Drs more easily analyze what is going on!

Besides the picture, date, time of day and degree of pain usually described as 1-10 with 1 being the lowest amount of pain to 10 being intolerable.Also level of activity prior to picture being taken.


Thanks. Looks like I need a spreadsheet.


Might help!

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Good news, Blue!

There's many different types of peripheral neuropathy besides diabetic though.
Each type has own set of symptoms.  It could be a combo too. Testing, especially blood testing and scans should tell the full story for a true diagnosis. Yes! Varicose  veins can be troublesome. It important to get the right treatment. 

Are you feeling any better with the improved blood sugar levels?

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Thanks Sandy. I'm aware there are numerous neuropathy. Lowering sugar levels has kept my mind and body focused. I haven't noticed a big difference in how I feel but it's been gradual so I'm guessing I would feel worse if I wasn't on top of it.

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That is good news.

I have neuropathy due to nerve disk damage from my last disk operation.   My left leg on the outside and bottom of my foot is numb.  If I go walking in the woods I frequently find things stuck in my leg when I get back.  This numb area seems to be spreading up my leg.  

Then of course after afib was found with high blood pressure they loaded me up with chemicals which seem to work for the bp but cause other heart problems that I have yet to get used to.  The dr also recommended compression sox.  Not my favorite things.

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