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4 Answers

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Whether one believes in God or not is a very personal choice. Religion is not for everyone, however, it serves it's purpose in this imperfect world for many. Spirituality to me is a feeling of inspiration that goes behind human intelligence. The truth is many refuse to seek the knowledge that they so passionately oppose.

There's natural habitat, and there's cause and effect. Neither the Theist nor Atheist can prove their point without doubt, both are actually powerless. Ironically, both do center on the idea of "intelligent design." I'm a theist because I follow my heart. The personal spiritual experiences that has happen to me is all the proof I need to believe.  

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Very well put SandyGirl:)

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Intelligent Design is a good one as mentioned by Sandy. Personally, I've always had someone or some situation that saved my ass too many times. If that makes any sense. I also watched a video going back some time that a religious person shared with me that challenged students that were studying this type of thing to give an example of a change in kind not species. If I remember correctly and none of them could. It's still one of those debates however and can be contentious like abortion.

Life is what you make it.

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There is none.  You either believe and see the hand of god everywhere or you don't.  If believing in an all powerful force helps you, go for it.  If not, spend your time doing something else.  Just don't spend your time trying to convince me.

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All will be convinced on the day of Judgement.


Perhaps.  Or not. 

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My belief in God the Creator is all around me!

The timing and purpose of our seasons!

The hierarchy of predators vs prey itself is Divine Oder!

Separation of races by continent and weather!

The propagation of vegetables and fruits by seeds!

The abundance and diversity of life forms on the planet Earth!

The exact position of our Sun and moon sustaining life upon on our planet! Providing light day and night.

The proportion of waters on our planet that sustain our life protecting atmosphere!

We as humans are composed of over 90% water! And we have potable water available to all humans and animals throughout our centuries!

An asteroid belt that protects life on this planet from incoming asteroids!

Insects that although annoying assist in moving and consuming carrion and rotting vegetation on the forest and jungle floor!

Position of millions of stars used for sea voyages for millennia!

And lastly the spiritual experiences I have had that to me are the only explanations and hence :God my creator!

These examples are to me are definitely enough evidence for me to recognize Divine Intelligence!

These are but a small handful that I have pondered daily!

I am quite sure an Atheist will always have a “yes but” but I am not that arrogant or believe in that many coincidences or accidents!

The Leftists have left us!

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I think Bon Jovi did a song about this.


No argument here! I believe with my whole heart and soul !!!

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