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Today, I have begun cleaning out drawers of unneeded outdated paperwork, doo dads, what nots and wtf’s!

I must say it has helped me tremendously with my aversion to paperwork, knowing exactly where and what things are!

Last week was ridding my clothes closet and drawers of outsized clothes due to my weight loss! Pure bliss!

Your turn! Go!

The Leftists have left us!

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Sleeping! I sleep better listening to the rain falling on the roof!

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That too!

But now that I have the a/c on habitually, I miss the sounds of nature.

I think that may be why so many modern folk can’t relax! They seldom hear nature’s calming sounds, rain, wind, birdsong,children’s laughter and even nature’s smells of summer and spring rain, blooming flowers and flowering treees, and fresh mown grass! People didn’t need antidepressants as much when they were an agricultural society?

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My all new horse racing website. Of course.

Life is what you make it.

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