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I know there have been concerns raised about that possibility previously, but did Biden just confirm it in a news interview?

Isn’t this supposed to be a “secret”?

Thank goodness he doesn’t know anything of value about national security! Whew! <jk>


The Leftists have left us!

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4 Answers

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I thought the US defence budget was the largest in the world. Huge at least while people pay how much for health care.

Life is what you make it.

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I didn't hear it, I googled it due to your post.

What are they doing with all the ammo? Trump boasted that he found an empty cupboard, so to speak, and it filled up.

How on earth did the cupboard empty in 2 years?.

On an unrelated note, I didn't know how tall Biden was until I saw him being greeted Rishi Sunak and Charles 


I don’t believe we are out of ammo, but we are running low… I believe having 1 billion rounds is considered low as that is what the US keeps in reserve. Since the better part of this 500+ day war has been fought with ammo rather than air craft bombing, I believe this has escalated the decline in ammo.

My opinion solely is the US when involved in war, either directly or indirectly, is seldom in it to win it.

Of course that is just what it seems to me..

I am not a military expert!

However if your enemy discerns you are hesitant or “not all in” I would think that would play to your enemy’s advantage?

The US has seemingly straddled fences by not sending air support and then running low on 155 ammo, reversed its earlier position and is now sending “cluster bombs”

We ( the US) do not currently have adequate facilities to produce this ammo adequately to restock, so we are buying foreign ammo specifically from Britain.

I believe if you also are not as bloodthirsty and as amoral as your enemies, you are at a strict disadvantage also! War, is ugly, vile and very immoral in most cases. It is extremely difficult not to have civilian casualties, yes children as has been observed by a prior US drone strike!

Both political parties have aided and abetted our manufacturing businesses moving abroad!


Here’s how the  recent Presidents heights stack up!

Trump- 6’3”

Obama - 6’2”

Biden - 6’0”

Added note: Baron Trump - 6’7”


Ahh, but how tall are they really?  Politicians lie.  Trump always claimed 6 ft 3 inches.  But he wears lifts in his shoes and when photographed next to people of known height, he is much shorter than that.  We can assume that the other politicians mentioned do the same.  One of the reasons that these guys are clumsy and fall a lot is because of the high heels. 

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Blue is correct in his statement; the US defense is the he largest in the world. No doubt about it. With that there's always more to the story. 

Therefore and FWIW in a most recent elaborated update on this from a Biden administration  official is in quotes:
“We are NOT running out of ammunition ourselves. We are running out of the ability to provide artillery ammunition to Ukraine.”  WHICH definitely makes more sense.

Adding too that authorizing cluster munitions will ensure Ukraine is not left defenseless, while their own domestic production of ammunition ramps up.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Still, cluster bombs are a bad idea.  They don't work very well.  Large amounts don't explode when they are supposed too.  Then they do explode when some small kid picks them up.  

Long range rockets are a good idea. ATACMS work very well and can be fired from the ground.  Air dropped things need planes.  We should have sent them warthogs, or F15s.  We have a lot of them and they have been declared obsolete.


Yep. Logistics often play a big part in war and other situations like a pandemic and famine. Getting stuff to the front line can be a problem.


Welloone, I like how you think! Perhaps we could send you to the Pentagon!

The Pentagon is too worried about pronouns right now! <jk>


@ Welloone. I agree and thank you, without question. 

My answer was to simply address and to pass along the elaborated information pertaining to P. Biden's slip. Plus, the additional information provided. 

My late husband was an Aerospace & Aviation engineer. His work was mostly in defense firing rocket engines and satellites for the United States government. He would appreciate your thinking/insight as I.

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It is interesting.  American war planners rely heavily on the airplane.  Our planning permeates NATO thinking.  So, how much artillery do you need to support the air force?  

But Ukraine doesn't have much of an air force.  Their god of war, like the russians, is artillery.  The Ukrainian army fires about 5000 rounds a day.  Not all of them 155mm NATO rounds.  But a lot.  No one knows what kind of stock pile the US has for these things.  But it is complicated and dangerous to make them.  Apparently the only factory making them is in PA.  But they only make the outside.  The explosive has to be mixed, melted and poured in somewhere else.  Probably Mexico or China, lol.  Russia is firing about 7000 rounds a day. 210,000 a month.  The expected life expectancy of an American howitzer barrel is only 7000 rounds or so.

Most European countries are reluctant to send their own stock of 155mm shells to Ukraine since if russia wins they will probably need them theirselves, but NATO does have an air force.   The rocket makers have been ramping up production all year. 

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