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The best insects to eat are from three species: At least three insects – crickets, honeybees, and mealworms – have at least the same if not higher nutritional value than the commonly consumed meats like beef and chicken, and not a single comparison shows insects to be nutritionally inferior to meat.

Me? No, I can’t get past the gag reflex! I grew up in a Steel workers home. Meat was always served 3 meals a day! Although, I am sure I have inadvertently eaten bugs that may have been ground up in the processing process. If so, I didn’t know it at the time!

How about you???

The Leftists have left us!

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Hell no!! Besides, the planet can't be saved!! Bill Gates is out of his mind!

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It's been bugging me to be honest.

Life is what you make it.

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In the spirit of Blue's answer... No, I wouldn't eat a bug.  Those tiny electronic eavesdropping devices are sure to cause indigestion and probably have little to no nutritive value.  

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Ew definitely not for me, sorry. I need my meat! 

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Hey TJ welcome to Answerology Reloaded! Stick around, we like new members!


Thanks so much :)

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Honeybees are endangered.  Probably not enough left to save the planet.  

There are lots of crickets and mealworms.  Put them in a blender and fry them up like a crab cake.  Probably not bad.  

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You can have my portions! They say if you are allergic to shellfish you may be allergic to some of the insects being suggested as meat substitutes.

I am definitely allergic to shellfish.

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