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 SandyGirl finished her week worth of meds and still no change. So, her plan is if she`s not feeling better tomorrow she will be going to the hospital to get checkout.
 Her Reason for hospital choice.
Let` all wish her a speedy recovery!

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Hi friends! Thank you for caring and your messages. They are  uplifting and very much appreciated. : )

I was hospitalized.  I started to get this awful pain week before this Monday. I just wasn't feeling good. Plus, very odd symptoms.. located at my entire side of rib cage up and down  front and a across  back. At first my Dr prescribed antibiotics for possible infection, which I finished this past Tuesday. So with not feeling any better I went to the hospital 

At the hospital they hooked me up with an IV drip with a cocktail mix of drugs for pain, ( no opioids) nausea, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Test were EKG, ultrasound, chest Xray, CT scan, blood work, etc..
Results.. nothing fatal thank God..*sigh* but a very painful condition. What I have is called  Costochondritis. It mimics a heart attack. Causes of costochondritis is
inflammation which is the body's natural response to infection, irritation or injury. Unfortunately, I currently have all three.

Meds/ prescription are Robaxin (methocarbanol) a muscle relaxer. Also extra strength Ibuprofen. I did not want any opioids so asked for a pain alternative. 

I'm to follow up with an appointment with my Dr in a week for additional testing for my  symptoms of extreme tiredness and headaches too.  Also, Dr said I could have a possible virus on top of this. Dr said it's impossible to test for all of them out there.

Anyway, I'm relieved, and so is my entire family, friends and employees and coworkers. I hate that I'm in pain like this but I'm extremely relieved and grateful it's not something incurable, though I was told this may flare up from time to time.

I'm now home. It felt like forever. There's no place like home.  

Thank you again!


Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Glad you're still with us. It's a real pain all those heart attack impersonators.


Thank God you are going to be ok, Sandy!! So alarming!! Continued prayers!


Yes! Yes, it is! LOL!

Thank you for making me smile, Blue!


Thank you for your prayers, ponygirl.


You are welcome, SandyGirl!

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Is this another joke?

Life is what you make it.

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Absolutely not!

Please let Blue know too that I'm not well, as I don't want him or the other members thinking I jumped ship. Thank you very much, Blue Jay.

also check the races!


Oh get well soon then.


Hahaha! No joke! And, thank you!

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Hoping all goes well for Sandy Girl and that the doctors can figure out how to get her back to full health quickly.

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Very nice!! Thank you!

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This concerns me a lot, Blue Jay!! So scary!! I am keeping SandyGirl in my prayers!!  

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Thank you, ponygirl. Read my answer here on my condition, ponygirl. It was scary that's for sure. 


You are so welcome, SandyGirl!!

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I am so sorry to hear this! Us gals who take it to the limit in a quest to be super achievers, have to start making our own health priority #1.

Powering through illness can work when we are teenagers, but as we age a bit and face stressful life events, we need to be more aware of our personal health.

No criticism here, every achievement driven person has done the same thing!

Hopefully she gets the treatment she needs to put her back to her best health!

The Leftists have left us!

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You are 100 percent correct! 

Thank you, Lady4u


I know what it’s like for your body to put the brakes on and say “Girl you’re moving to fast! Slow it down!”

Today I was just reviewing some calendars from years past. I always saved them to review dates that I had a project or completed a project! I was amazed today how small my writing was to jam multiple meetings, appts, and inquiries into one day’s time! After about a year of such nonsense I see where I noted a serious bronchitis/laryngitis situation. My weakness!

Doh! Hello! What was I even thinking? That I was Superwoman? Not!!

This happened twice! I am a slow learner!

The last one I thought I was having a heart attack, awful sharp pains every time I took a breath! Turned out it was diagnosed as stress and I was given an inhaler! I went home thankful it wasn’t something worse!



Exactly, lady4u!. Did you read my answer on my condition. No joke! 

The thing is I actually love what I do. I over do it without even realizing it. I definitely need to pace myself better going forward. I feel 25 most of the time. I have to start reminding myself I am not. Definitely defeated by being knocked to the canvas this time. I'm sad that it happened now. I've looked forward to the Saratoga meet since I was a young girl. 

Thank you, lady4u. It's always nice having someone who understand hard work and all it's craziness.


Yes, Sandy I have had temporary bouts of Costochondritis with the initial start of Psoriatic Arthritis.

Unbelievably painful!

You definitely don’t want a repeat so schedule daily breaks, don’t skip lunch and don’t forget to just breathe!


: ) Thank you for your caring advice. And, please take care of yourself too, lady4u.

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