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The Road to The Breeders` Cup
Test S.
Saratoga / Sat. Aug. 05,2023

7 Furlongs | Fillies | 3 Year Olds  | G1 STAKES | Purse: $500,000
Surface: Dirt / Race 8  / Post:4:26 PM EST. / TV - TVG

PP / Horse / Jockey / Wgt /  Trainer / ML Odds  
1.Pretty Mischievous T. Gaffalione 124 Lbs B. Walsh  9/5
2.Clearly Unhinged J. Castellano 118 Lbs M. McCarthy  12-1
3.Tappin Josie K. Gomez 118 Lbs H. De Paz  50-1
4.Jersey Pearl L. Saez 118 Lbs D. Miller  15-1
5.Interpolate ( Scratched )
6.Dorth Vader J. Velazquez 122 Lbs G. Weaver  6-1
7.Munnys Gold I. Ortiz, Jr. 118 Lbs T. Pletcher  7/2
8.Maple Leaf Mel J. Rosario 120 Lbs M. Giddings  2-1  

Ultimate PP`s / Saturday / Munny`s Gold / Race 8

*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box
If none of the above apply the Point System will be used

**The Point System***
Points will be Applied to your Top 3 Selections
Points start by number of Horses in the field
Example: A 10 Horse Field
The winning Horse gets 10 Points
The place Horse gets 9 Points
The show Horse gets 8 Points
And so on down 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
The highest number of accumulated points receives Best Answer.

Point System ( High Number ) Tie Breaker
Answer #1 / 8-6-3 = 17
Answer #2 / 7-6-4 = 17
Answer #3 / 9-5-3 = 17
Answer #4 / 10-6-1 = 17
BA - #4 - HN - 10  
RU - #3 - HN - 9
HM - #1 - HN - 8

Win ( 1 ) Pretty Mischievous  - $5.70 - $ 3.60 -  $ 2.70
Place ( 2 ) Clearly Unhinged- $10.20 - $ 5.20
Show  ( 7 )Munny`s Gold  -  $ 3.40
Also Ran ( In Order )
Dorth Vader, Jersey Pearl, Tappin Josie and Maple Leaf Mel

Changes: Interpolate Scratched

***Best Answer***
Blue Jay:) - 13 - H5 - Runner up
lady4u - 13 - H5 - Runner Up
SandyGirl:) - 13 - Honorable Mention
Parents - 9
Bluegenel dsq`d for POSTING to late

**Video Replay**
Pretty Mischievous wins Marred Race

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7 Answers

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Best answer

W  8 Maple Leaf Mel

P  1 Pretty Mischievous

S  7 Munnys Gold

Alt  6 Dorth Vader

"Go Baby Go"

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Congratulations to
Our Test stakes Handicapping Champion
and to Blue Jay:) and lady4u as Runners Up
and to SandyGirl:) with Honorable Mention

Thanks to All that Participated!



The New York Racing Association released the following statement Aug. 5:

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) is saddened to report that Maple Leaf Mel sustained a catastrophic injury to her right front leg at the finish of Saturday's grade 1, $500,000 Test at Saratoga Race Course. Despite the immediate response of on-site veterinarians, the filly was humanely euthanized due to the severity of the injury.

Maple Leaf Mel was ridden by Joel Rosario and trained by Melanie Giddings. Rosario was unseated during the incident and sent to Albany Medical Center for further evaluation and to receive stitches for facial abrasions.

Owned by August Dawn Farm and bred by Joe Fafone, Maple Leaf Mel was undefeated in five previous career starts including stakes victories in the Seeking the Ante last August at Saratoga, the East View in March at Aqueduct Racetrack, the grade 3 Miss Preakness in May at Pimlico Race Course and, most recently, the grade 3 Victory Ride July 8 at Belmont Park. Maple Leaf Mel was previously trained by Jeremiah Englehart and was making her second career start on Saturday for Giddings.

Every horse entered to compete at Saratoga Race Course is required to undergo an extensive pre-race veterinary examination before the horse is permitted to race.
In addition to physical inspection and observation, regulatory veterinarians perform a detailed review of each horse's medical records, past performances and workouts.
Maple Leaf Mel passed the required pre-race veterinary inspection in accordance with these well-established protocols
In the process of investigating this injury, a necropsy will be performed at Cornell University with the results to be analyzed by Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) officials, the New York State Equine Medical Director and NYRA leadership.

"The health and safety of horses and jockeys competing at NYRA tracks is our highest priority and one that stands above all other considerations," said Pat McKenna, NYRA vice president of communications. "NYRA, HISA and the New York State Gaming Commission will closely review the circumstances around this incident to ensure we are providing the safest possible environment for racing and training at Saratoga Race Course."


Oh my! My heart is broken! My sincere heartfelt condolences go out to all fans and connections!



CONGRATS as CHAMP, ponygirl. Nice!

WTG as Runner Up, Blue Jay!

What the hay! I'll take Honorable Mention.

Great Host job, Blue Jay! Thank you!

: )


Blue Jay and SandyGirl, I woke up still crying over Maple Leaf Mel! I had just discovered her a few months ago and had fallen in love with her! That breakdown was so horrific that I screamed and scared my cats! I felt sick and still do! 

Thanks for congrats on BA , Blue Jay and SandyGirl! Congrats on RU, Blue Jay and lady4U and congrats on HM, SandyGirl! 

Thanks for hosting Blue Jay!

Very tragic and sad. Also, our Joel Rosario will be out of action for 6 weeks following the spill he took yesterday which resulted in a broken left foot and related injuries causing the need for stitches.. Get well wishes and prayers go out to J.R. 

Thanks! Have a good week! AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


Oh no! So sorry to hear that! I didn’t know!

Wishing him a quick recovery!

Rest in Peace MAPLE LEAF MEL!!


You`re right SandyGirl!


I believe lady4u means Joel Rosario, Blue Jay!  : )


Yes, thank you!

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The Blue Jay Factor
Win ( 7 ) MUNNY`S GOLD      
Plc ( 8 ) Maple Leaf Mel            
Shw ( 1 ) Pretty Mischievous                  
( 2 ) Clearly Unhinged
( 4 ) Jersey Pearl  
( 6 ) Dorth Vader 

"May the Horse be with You"

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Thank you for what you did for me, Blue Jay! : )

What are friends for SandyGirl:) ?


Right! That's what friend are for. Thank you! :)

+2 votes

Win: (7) Munnys Gold

Place: (8) Maple Leaf Mel

Show: (1) Pretty Mischievous 


(6) Dorth Vader

(2) Clearly Unhinged

(4) Jersey Pearl

The Leftists have left us!

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Scra: Interpolate


Amended - Thanks! ;)

+1 vote


WIN 8 Maple Leaf Mel

Place  7 Munnys Gold

Show. 4 Jersey Pearl


1 Pretty Mischievous

6 Dorth Vador

3 Tappin Josie


Let your life be driven with purpose!

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+1 vote

WIN 8 Maple Leaf Mel

Place  7 Munnys Gold

Show 1 Pretty Mischievous


4 Jersey Pearl

6 Dorth Vador

5 Interpolate

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Scra: Interpolate

+1 vote

Congratulations to Ponygirl with BA!

I’ll gladly share RU with Blue Jay!

Congratulations to Sandygirl with HM!

Thank you to Blue Jay for hosting!

The Leftists have left us!

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+1 vote

Congratulations to Ponygirl on BA!

I’ll gladly share RU with Blue Jay!

Congratulations to Sandygirl with HM!

Thanks to Blue Jay for hosting!

The Leftists have left us!

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