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What was your sense of the body language yesterday at the debate?  One woman described to me how she could see the sweat dripping off of Hillary's face but when I asked her when it was occurring as I could not see it despite the fact I have a super large screen high def TV and fiber optic cables and was watching on a High Def channel,  Clearly she has keener eyes than I do but if I was able to see it, I would agree that she was under a great deal of stress.

Here's a very interesting video on body language and facial expressions during the debate: http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/10/10/trumps-body-language-debate-sot-newday.cnn


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There was no sweat dripping off Mrs. Clinton 's face but even if there was , it would not matter.

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I think she got a little uncomfortable when FINALLY ******* pressed about the Wikileaks emails (should've been harder since there was PLENTY of material in them to fry her with) that the other biased liberal moderators refused to bring up. Chris Wallace did an excellent job otherwise and put both of them on the fryer.

Hillary just used the same recycled punch lines and danced around the topics as per usual. I don't see how she won **** last night. But, 1000 liberals on CNN said she won so it must be true. lol --such a joke

"You are Fake News"

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It's hardly a surprise that you don't see why she won as you believe that the government created tornadoes to damage Oklahoma.
You believe Hillary is fit to be president.
I just note where you get your information.  Geez if that's your best source as you say, it's no wonder you can't tell she won the debate as the vast majority of people do.  Oh right, I forgot, you think that all sorts of Liberals flock to a Tea party website to vote on who won the debate.  Perhaps you did a few too many drugs as a teenager.
I like how Trump burned Hillz at the Catholic dinner tonight by saying she's there pretending to not hate Catholics --pure gold lol

She is such a damn fraud and a criminal.
He looked like a moron. His, and the best joke bar none, was when he made the joke about Michelle Obama and his wife and soon after his jokes became so bad that people actually started booing him and you are dull enough to think he blitzed her but what should I expect from someone who tells me her best source is something that accuses the Democrats of creating tornadoes.
Clinton looked like a criminal on drugs with boring jokes, as per usual.
Perhaps you just don't understand what it means when people boo a speaker.  She needled him far worse than he did her.  All he did was to make himself look strange when he delivered the back half of that speech but of course what do I expect from someone who can't understand how a survey from a Tea Party website isn't scientific.  Watch David Gergin who's a Republican of course and how he felt Trump's speech was foolish.
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