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Prince Harry warns press about harassing girlfriend...

+4 votes

How much privacy does a royal deserve? So she has white father and black mother. So what?


asked Nov 8, 2016 in In the News by Cinders717 (2,692,370 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Yeah, they both need to a grow pair.

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry

answered Nov 8, 2016 by lavender (1,769,610 points)
+1 vote

I like Harry. I actually like the entire crop of young royals. I'm not sure I'd like them so well if it was MY tax dollars supporting them, but on the whole, I think they're a refreshing bunch!

I think every famous person deserves to be treated respectfully and not harassed - unless they're a Kardashian and they like being followed around 24/7. Then have at it.

answered Nov 8, 2016 by justpassingthru (955,940 points)
It's only annoying if you're from the colonies.  It shouldn't be annoying for the Brits however who make a lot of money because of the royals.  Also, Prince William who has been everything his dimwit father hasn't been, has been such an excellent ambassador and probably single handedly has kept countries from dropping the queen as their heads of state.
+1 vote

Lucky lady.

answered Nov 8, 2016 by Afirecracker (895,970 points)
Absolutely he is a royal and cute as hell:)
And she's gorgeous and has his heart.
She is, not hard to see why he fell so hard;)
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