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I detest Trump due to his treatment of my Country and countrymen. He could have been up against Ronald McDonald and it wouldn't have changed my opinion. 

I stayed up till 3:30 am my time and it was clear then that America had lost its mind

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Voting is typically emotional. And this has been an emotional election. Just take a look around. No-one actually knows the details. Some perhaps but not the vast majority. It's also a vote against the establishment as others have said. What that all means is you're playing a very risky game.

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Its upsetting. But what can you do now. It is what it is. He is the next president I guess.

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I've said it many times, here on AOR and in my "real life" - I never believe polls or speculate about an election's outcome because anything can happen.  But even though I intellectually knew, and was prepared for, the possibility of a Trump win, it was still appalling and I cried to the point of dehydration. I have not cried since my mother died - that's been nearly 11 years, so I don't shed tears easily. But I am horrified beyond the point of verbalization.

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You should see the people here in NY / NJ area. Everyone has a sad face. Its also a rainy and cloudy day.

But I am sure by the end of the day, people will be drinking and partying and move on with the life.
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Strong drink.  It was not the only headache I woke up with.  So far Trumpies election has caused my IRA to lose 10 percent.  Not bad so far GWB managed to kill off 40 percent, but DJT isn't even in office yet.

Had I suspected that he was going to win, I would have gone to cash a week ago.

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