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Oh yea, many times. First gun I ever shot was a pump action double barrel shotgun..... I was no older than 10. My father taught me how to shoot. I didn't learn to reload and proper technique of caring for one until I got much older. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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No.  I think it would be too much for me

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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Me too:)
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Yes, My dad taught me when I was a kid.

A teen, not a little kid. lol
Was he a hunter?
He was a hunter when he lived in Deadwood.  Once he moved to Cali, he was more into fishing.  But, he belonged to a gun club, and that is where he taught me.
My granddad was a deer hunter. And I have his old rifles. One is a double barrel. But never shot them or any gun.
It's a lot of fun at a gun club.   I could never hunt. I love animals too much.
Like you, I could never kill anything. I love animals and hate looking at cars with deers on top during deer season:(
Thankfully we don't see the deer on top of cars here.   How sad  :(
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No.  Nor do I want to, because I've never been able to aim anything else properly. 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

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Yes.  I own a weapon and I have my conceal carry.  

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Many times.

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Yes, and I'm very good at it too!

Just didn't enjoy it. Guns ain't my thing.

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Probably not mine either tho cousins want me to go to the range and try out their new Glocks :)
SO LOUD!!!! Even with ear protection it was just so dang LOUD I jumped every time someone shot. Although I was fine when it was my turn...something to think about.
Lol, losing my hearing is not in my game plan hehe;)
Oh no, there's ear plugs AND the over-the-ear thingies both. I just didn't like the noise the guns made. At all. It didn't affect my hearing in the least. Just...jarring...
Yes realize that but jarring sounds are too much ;)
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Does a BB gun count? If so -then yes lol

A lot of my family are hunters but I didn't grow up around guns. Eventually I'd like to get my C&C

"You are Fake News"

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Would think a BB gun would count lol. But never fired that either :)
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Ew doesn't interest me at. all.

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Yes, many times and many weapons!

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Yes many times with a variety of weapons, in a variety of circumstances

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Yes, I have - many times. A while back, my friend owned several guns and we'd go to the shooting range for fun. My hands are small and I had problems firing this big revolver of hers - I needed two fingers to pull the trigger and I could barely hit the target. But using her little 9mm automatic, I was a seriously good shot. My mom used to joke that we should put my shot-up targets on the front door to deter burglars. 

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Many times and many different kinds of weapons.

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Once at a shooting range

We Rise By Lifting Others!

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Shot at tin cans with an air rifle when I was young, my brother went to a gun club where they shot at clay targets

 thankfully my country doesn't allow for serious weapons

That's my secret, Cap; I'm always tired **transforms into Incredible Sloth**

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Yes, I owned several, still own a 38 special my dad got me

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I fired assault rifles when I was in the military.

I shot assault rifles at the shooting range.

I had to do it in three different positions - in the standing position, in the foxhole position and in the prone position.

The assault rifles were only equipped with the common traditional iron sights to help the shooters to aim at the targets and to shoot at them.

I dislike the conventional iron sights, as you always have to align the front sight with the rear sight onto the target for an accurate shot.

Whenever I have to shoot at a shooting range, I always prefer to use a sniper rifle, which is equipped with a zoom lens sniper scope that allows me to be able to see the target very clearly, even at very long range/ distances.

You can hit a lot of targets with ease with normal assault rifles with iron sights, but it is definitely much easier if you were to use sniper rifles with sniper scopes instead.

If there is a new type of rifle optics technology available for me to use, I would certainly want to take advantage of it as much as possible to help me to be able to aim much more accurately and confidently.

In other words, I always prefer to use a new high tech weapon that can dramatically increase my marksmanship skills than an old-fashioned weapon that is antiquated and unable to help me to hit my target accurately.

Just do it - Nike.

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That is a disturbing thought. But experience is always a good teacher.
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Lord yes, hundreds of times.  My dad was avid bird hunter when I was young so I went with him.  I hunted a lot until my 30's and just lost the desire for it.

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yes i did

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Yes many times.    I have a 9mm but haven't fired it or been to range in 2 years.   

 Hard to find ammo. 

Certain wackadoos won't stop hoarding.      

They buy out everything on the shelf.   

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No, I never have, never will. I am strongly against gun ownership. They are meant to kill, and there are too many gun-related deaths in the US and in other countries. I am against hunting for animals as well. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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In the late 70's we had air rifles and pistols that we used out the back garden. I was still a kid. We also had 2 shot guns but those were never used. They all got handed in to the police. One of our neighbours had a Magnum. He was only allowed to own it as he worked at a firing range and he had to keep it locked up in a safe that was concreted into the floor.

Life is what you make it.

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Yes Ma'am. 

I, also, believe in tight regulations.

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As a teen, yes.  My brother and I did target shooting with a .22 rifle; we fired at stuff on slag dumps and at strip mine pits in SE Ohio.  We fired some handguns with an older teen, shooting at wood chips that were coursing along a creek.

Later, I had to learn to fire several kinds of weapons with my army association.  After that, I had to get qualified on a few different hand guns with both left and right hands for my association with another government agency.

Interesting story:  when learning to fire any kind of weapon, one has to allow for the weapon's "kick."  If you're unfamiliar with that term, it is the weapon's own response to the firing of the weapon.  When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin ignites the gunpowder and causes a small explosion that sends the bullet down the barrel of the gun.  That explosion of the gases inside the cartridge makes the weapon "jerk" from that event.  That's called the "kick."    That's why, if you're firing a rifle, you want to tuck the stock solidly in the crease of your shoulder and brace for the recoil of the weapon.  If you don't, you'll get quite a surprise, and possibly even a bruised shoulder.  OK... so much for the background.  Now for the story:-

It was my first time firing a 30-ought-six rifle (a 30-06, which refers to the calibre of the bullet. The "30" is the calibre/caliber and the "06" is the year of its adoption [1906].)  This weapon has an effective range of up to around 1000 yards or twice that if you're a decent shot. This particular rifle had a scope on it that allowed us to zero in on a target at about 2400 yards from us.  Well, I tucked the stock of the rifle into the crease of my left shoulder and lined up the shot.  It was the first time I had ever used a scope, but I knew there would be a decent kick. So I left about an inch and a quarter between the scope and my left eye.  I lined up the target, slowly squeezed the trigger, and fired the shot.  The shot hit the target.  The scope's recoil was about one and 3/8ths inches (in other words, the circular end of the scope jammed into the flesh just above my left eye.)  It didn't hurt, but head wounds are head wounds, and they all pretty much bleed like crazy.  My friends were all spotting the target, and they were letting me know that my shot hit the target.  I touched the skin over my eye when I realized it was wet and warm.  Yep, it was  blood, all right.  I held out my red fingers and said, very quietly, "Medic.  Medic.  Over here."  Then I laughed like crazy; I knew it was not serious, but I also knew I had just learned a lesson about how far a scope on a 30-06 recoils.  I had a slight headache for about an hour, but nothing after that.  Not amused?  Well, I guess you had to be there.  :-)

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