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Recovering perfectionist

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What do you think of people who like to make hand gestures when they are talking?

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Are you hard to read or do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

+3 votes

I am an easy to read heart on my sleeve lol

asked Jan 11 in Just For Fun by Cinders717 (3,392,840 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

I have absolutely no Poker Face whatsoever. 

The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact.  NDT

answered Jan 11 by lavender (2,475,980 points)
+1 vote


answered Jan 11 by anonymous
+1 vote

my heart is on my sleeve

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

answered Jan 11 by curiousguy (748,150 points)
+1 vote

Half and half

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

answered Jan 11 by king313 (796,270 points)
+1 vote

I learnt to put on an act when I was growing up, but it's so draining that I do my utmost to avoid situations where I have to. 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

answered Jan 12 by Tabbycat1 (1,011,510 points)
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