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In college, I saved a girl's life during a freak rafting accident.  It was more me just not being able to see her being swept down the river and die, rather than trying to get in her pants. When I finally got her out of the river she was so grateful and wanted to kiss me.  There were still people out in the water who needed help and I sort of blew her off.  One of those people was my oldest childhood friend.  My point being that sometimes people's motivation is not just sex, and people should not get offended when other's thoughts don't first go to that idea.

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It depends.  Does he have a prison record or outstanding warrants?

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Is he human? Is he clean?  Is he disease free?  Is he employed?  Is he a sex offender? If not, he is a great guy! :)

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Not enough context in your question.  Sorry

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Well, his desire to bed her down, was quite noticeable in his lurking eyes.

But, he respected women, and would not even think of forcing himself on her persons.

Perhaps if you journey into my mind, you will see the events unfold in front of you.


Still not enough, most guys want to have sex with most women.  Now this chick was untouchable for some reason; weight, looks, connections or ..............

Having sex does not make him good or bad. Now if the woman was screaming for sex and he did bed her, he may be a bad guy or avoiding a psycho chick.  Personally I have done the courtesy F__ a number of times.  NBD I have also avoided the courtesy F___ a number of times. 


It was a romantic scene.

Sure he wanted to jump all on her, but he remained composed.


A fantasy, not a reality


It was a reality.

Guess the guy wanted her to ask for some action ...sexually that is.

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Yeah. But "did not even try to have sex with her." sounds way too proud. It makes it sound like he was owed sex, but he didn't make her because he's such a nice guy. Way too proud of being a normal human being.

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

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Good observation

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that is a man of character.  Whether or not the other person gets upset because he didn't even try is another story.  Some men respect a lady, her thoughts, and her body like a temple.

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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Did he at least spank her?

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I agree with Sheogorath.

if he fed her, clothed her, and gave her shelter than she was probably in trouble, and he did what most decent people would do in that situation. 

but the phrase 'didn't even try' implies that he thinks he was owed/deserved sex for doing those things. You make it sound like sex was a reward, rather than a passionate moment shared between them. That he could have had his reward, but decided not to pursue it.

Sex isn't a reward for helping people.

That's my secret, Cap; I'm always tired **transforms into Incredible Sloth**

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