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...was NOT going to  be COOKING for Christmas.

Apparently the person on her phone, was NOT taking a  "NO" for an answer.

I was standing behind her in the checkout line.

The poor sickly old woman began to turn white as a sheet.

Still upset about be TOLD that she NEEDED to Cook the Christmas meal.

She even began to APPEARED to lean over to one side.

Sad thinking she might fall, the other customers even began to notice.

I feared she was experiencing a heart attack.

One man went up to her, asking her if she was Okay.

He kind of Bodyguarded her, in case she did fall.

I had had enough, so it was Easy to gently take her phone from her hand.

I SCREAMED at who was on the phone, telling them that the woman he was demanding from was exhibiting a Heart Attack.

I told the person, that she was NOT going to cook sh#T   and STOP Bothering her.

Then I hung up!

Someone finally called  911 and an ambulance came for her.

Had you been there near her ….How would you have handled this one?

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I hope I would have spoken to her, asked her if I might say a word, and then gently taken the phone from her if she would allow it.  Then I would have told the person on the other end of the line what I had been observing.  I think I would have said, "You know, it might be none of my business to tell you what to do here, but I know for sure it's none of YOUR business to tell her she HAS to cook for Christmas.  I'm sure if you were here and were able to see what your words are doing to her, you would stop.  If you would not, I would do more than just talk calmly to you on the phone.  I'm going to hang up now because she looks like she's having a heart attack, and someone here is calling 911." Then I would hang up.  I HOPE that's what I would have done.

Or I would have done what you did.  :-)

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It was excellent of you to do something!  However, I got to agree with Media's answer.  A less intense response may have been more effective.  However, I know, it's hard to do that in the heat of the moment.  That said, I think you did good.

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Perhaps me actually witnessing how she looked.

One step from death...

Activated my rage.

I saw someone have a heart attack, at a doctor's office, and it is NOT pretty, and could have been avoided.

I needed that Manic Push to help.

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You are very bold and brave to do what you did. I probably would have not taken the phone being Im just like that, but I would have called for help for her. I might have just hung up the phone, and if that person called again I would explain the lady was sick, and not to bother her!

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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She was About to Drop the phone, for she was in a very bad way.

I gently took it from her, no doubt saving it.

But I did wonder if the ambulance people took it with her.

Some of them are kind like that.

When my daughter called the fire department to come help me, she was so unnaturally upset.

Later she told me that one of the paramedics helped her find our house keys, and told her to unplug my heat pad, that was on in my bed.

They had to bring a stretcher in my bedroom, where I was unconscious.

So, they might have helped this elderly lady keep her phone, or if not, and  if she survived, I guess buying a new phone, will be the least of her worries.

When I go back to that location, I will ask one of the employees if they found out any more information about her condition.

Once an ambulance appears at a business, people are noisy, and a lot of people were out Christmas shopping for food and wine sales.

I like to LOOK and SEE what other people have in their bas-carts, what they are buying.


Glad your daughter was able to help you that time!

   I hope that lady is ok. Keep us posted!

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