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Life is what you make it.

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A couple of weeks ago, authorities found an underground tunnel between Nogales, Mexico and Nogales, AZ. 
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They have been doing this for years....for all you people that hate Trump, I say adopt a Illegal family and let them live in your home. You won't do it. Will you?

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No, I won't. I'm not FOR illegal immigration -  I'm just AGAINST a wall. A wall won't do shit - walls have NEVER worked, just ask the Chinese  - who watched the Mongol hordes pour over their 2,000 mile long wall. A wall is nothing but a monument to Trump that will accomplish nothing, and waste billions of our tax dollars.

We need comprehensive immigration reform, we need to keep better track of who is over-staying their visa, we need more border patrol agents, we need more high-tech surveillance at the border, and most importantly, we need severe penalties for businesses which hire illegals. But since Trump is part of that super-rich business community which hires illegals, THAT will never happen. 

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Lol, all 3 have been done already.  One drug cartel bought and used a WW2 submarine, think they got it from Argentina.

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And America will pay for it. 

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Well they would have to get the money from the USA to do it.....Build that wall around MN please.

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