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Life is what you make it.

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Nope, the man is insane he doesnt have the mental capacity to understand anything other than keeping his white trash yelling "build the wall" that is the extent of his administration skills, and that is the limit of his cult 

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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No. The more people criticize him/his decisions, the more he digs in. The man is incapable of admitting he was wrong. About ANYTHING. He will never - not ever - "get the message" that he's not the smartest, most competent human being who ever walked. 

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Trump is right to pull out of Syria. If people resign over it, so be it.

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Duh.. They quit via traditional means. If they tweeted their resignation or via Fox Friends, then he would get it. Everyone knows he doesn't read anything. He hasn't read their resignation letters yet. 

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