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What is the worst thing your wife ever did?

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What new word will we learn today ?

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Do you think that all nicknames being given for a person or something always have very valid reasons for doing so?

Whenever any nicknames is given for any person or for anything, it is usually given because there are a lot of different and direct underlying connected and valid reasons for it to be given to describe any person or anything in a funny/ insulting/ sarcastic way.

For example, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is also known as, "No Action, Talk Only".

This is because there are a lot of people in the world who find that NATO always prefers to spend a lot of time conducting very lengthy meetings, discussions, and debates about very a variety of different very important and very critical international political and economic issues, instead of actually taking any substantial solid actions to solve them completely.

In other words, NATO is generally perceived as being an ineffective and inefficient organization at taking any substantial solid actions in solving any international political and economic disputes that is happening around the world.

Their main method of dealing with any type of international political and economic conflicts is to only just argue incessantly about them in public forums.

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