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Full name: Rich
Gender: Male on a good day
Birthday: Many moons ago
Status: Alive
Location: Planet Earth
Website: www.answerologyreloaded.com
About You: It's not about me. Never has been.
Picture 1: http://www.answerologyreloaded.com/qa-uploads/uploads/brainapp.jpg
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Activity by Bluegenel

Score: 1,380,881 points (ranked #5)
Title: The Pioneering
Questions: 781
Answers: 1,800 (91 chosen as best)
Comments: 343
Voted on: 1,483 questions, 3,004 answers
Gave out: 4,485 up votes, 2 down votes
Received: 6,991 up votes, 2 down votes

Wall for Bluegenel

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I believe someone has hacked my account so that I must LOG IN or REGISTER to add comments, write on walls, or most ANY additional  function after I've already LOGGED IN!
I've asked you about this before, and the most common answer is not use a bookmark for logging on.  Well...I've done it all BOTH ways and still get the same logon/register message after I'm already logged on.  I think you have a bug or bugs in your code.  Please and thanks for a solution..
This is getting old....
Nov 6, 2016 by carnivaljoe


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