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Member Bluegenel

Member for: 7 years (since Oct 5, 2015)
Type: Super Administrator
Extra privileges: Voting on questions
Voting on answers
Voting on comments
Voting posts down
Recategorizing any question
Editing any question
Editing any answer
Editing any comment
Editing posts silently
Closing any question
Selecting answer for any question
Viewing IPs of anonymous posts
Viewing who voted or flagged posts
Approving or rejecting posts
Hiding or showing any post
Deleting hidden posts
Viewing the newest users page
Viewing the special users page
Edit any signature

Activity by Bluegenel

Score: 4,056,441 points (ranked #1)
Title: The Pioneering
Questions: 5,059
Answers: 12,176 (595 chosen as best)
Comments: 4,819
Voted on: 10,286 questions, 18,731 answers
Gave out: 29,013 up votes, 4 down votes
Received: 24,206 up votes, 2 down votes


Life is what you make it.

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